Enjoy your bubbly, 

Forget the mess. 

Get FluteSpa

Make entertaining a breeze. 


As a panelist at IHA’s Inventor’s Corner, I was happy to discover the FluteSpa—a plastic container in the form of a six-pack holder. It allows you to put wine glasses—flutes for now, red and white glasses in prototype—in the dishwasher without chaos erupting.

Joe Ray, WIRED

FluteSpa: The easy way to clean & store your flutes

Make clean-up simple.

Place your flutes safely in FluteSpa and let the dishwasher handle the mess. Then conveniently place your flutes away, without the risk of topping them over.

No More hand-washing

Parties are fun… and also tiring. Of all the tedious things to clean, hand washing flutes is the worst.

Your flutes are never really clean when you air dry them or use a towel. A dirty glass lets more bubbles escape.

Perfect fit

FluteSpa fits over the tines on the bottom rack of standard dishwashers. It can be used simultaneously with cutlery holders.

Fit up to four flutespa*

*in most standard dishwashers