The idea for FluteSpa came while visiting friends and family in France. There was no shortage of corks popped, and while we very much enjoyed the flowing bubbly, we couldn't help but notice that at the end of every visit the hosts would place every dish and glass in the dishwasher -- except for the flutes. The flutes always ended up off to the side on the counter, waiting to be washed by hand.

Hand washing flutes seemed inevitable back at home, but noticing that French households -- where drinking Champagne is practically a daily habit -- are also faced with this hassle, we realized a solution needed to be created. 

From there, we set out to create a simple and elegant solution that would make life a little bit easier. With FluteSpa, we can focus on enjoying our bubbly and forget about the mess!





Andrea Merlano Tascan launched AT2, maker of FluteSPa, with her husband Alain Tascan. Andrea is a Communications professional, with a background in marketing, branding, social media and content creation. 

Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Management, both from McGill University.