How many flutes fit in FluteSpa?

Each FluteSpa accommodates 6 flutes. 


How many FluteSpa fit in my dishwasher?

Depending on the model of dishwasher, you can fit up to 4 FluteSpa at one time. 

FluteSpa fits on the bottom tray of your dishwasher


What type of plastic are you using for FluteSpa?

FluteSpa is made using a durable, FDA-approved plastic that is heat and water resistant and holds its shape in the dishwasher.

Where is FluteSpa manufactured?

We are proud to build all FluteSpa products in North America with local suppliers and manufacturers.

What is AT2 inc?

AT2 inc is the parent company of FluteSpa, we are a young company based in Montreal that strives to design elegant solutions to life's little hassles.

Who designed FluteSpa?

Our team of veteran engineers and product designers worked very hard to ensure the highest quality. We developed several versions before retaining the best model.